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Similar to Humans, the key to good health for Birds is a nutritious, healthy diet. Wild Birds eat up to 20 different foods in a day. The Natural environment gives them all the Vitamins and Minerals they need. In a coop or Aviary environment it is impossible to replicate the diet of Wild Birds. BVM Probiotic Supplement 10kg, is the best way to give your Birds, Chickens and other Poultry the boost that is lacking in common feed blends. See below to find out the signs of low nutrition in Birds. 


BVM Probiotic Supplement details

  • Complete Avian dietary supplement.

  • Complex 21 vitamins and minerals, plus Protexin Probiotic.

  • Scientific formula Optimised for bird health

  • Protexin Probiotic, Australia’s only avian-specific probiotic, is registered for use with birds, including pigeons and poultry.


Easy to use BVM Pink Powder

BVM + Probiotic is design for free-access administration to pigeons, poultry, and other caged birds.

 Similar to shell grit, BVM Pink Powder should be placed in a clean, dry container that discourages contamination and scratching/raking. As part of a nutritionally balanced diet, it can be kept full at all times. Birds will regulate their own intake to ensure they are getting the optimum level of nutrients, and breeding birds will even feed the powder to their hatchlings.

 BVM can also be mixed with wet feed, including soft foods and seeds treated with seed oil or another wetting agent. It is not recommended for use with dry seeds or pelleted mixes.

 As real-life conditions vary, monitor your birds carefully when first using BVM Pink Powder. For some birds, free access may not be the best option and a more controlled administration through feed will be necessary. The use of BVM with other dietary supplements and some fortified or complete feeds (pellets, mash or seed mixes with vitamins and minerals added) is not recommended, as too much of a nutrient can be as damaging as too little. Bird health and behavior is your best indication of whether BVM is working for you.

 Use according to instructions. This product is not intended for human consumption.

 Store below 30oC.


    Benefits using Bird Vitamin Mineral Powder

    Adding a Supplement to your Birds diet may help prevent some illnesses. Signs of poor nutrition in birds include:

    • Conjunctivitis and other eye problems

    • Bedraggled Appearance caused by poor feather quality, uneven growth, dull colouring and/or feather picking

    • Lethargy

    • Poor Appetite

    • Reduced Weight gain

    • Thin-shelled eggs and egg-binding in breeding/laying birds

    • Poor beak quality

    • Tumours

    • Scales and skin lesions

    • Increased susceptibility to illness and disease

    • Abnormal stools

    • A poor hatch rate and/or weak hatchlings


    Vitamin supplements for birds are beneficial in a variety of situations, and should be a vital component of your bird-feeding program. In particular:


    Laying hens

    Laying hens have been bred to produce eggs at a rate much higher than is natural for birds. Producing eggs requires a lot of energy and a wide range of vitamins and minerals, making nutrition particularly important. If layers have a poor diet, it can lead to the depletion of natural stores of vitamins and minerals in their bodies, causing illness and death.


    Racing pigeons

    After stress or intensive exercise, our bodies require additional vitamins and minerals in order to replace those lost in sweat, and to build/rebuild muscle proteins and red blood stores. This same process occurs when pigeons race, making access to essential vitamins and minerals, both before and after racing, important for health and recovery.


    Breeding birds

    Good nutrition is vital for breeding birds. Not only does it lead to healthier eggs and a better hatch rate, it is also key to producing healthy, robust hatchlings.


    Birds experiencing stress

    Stresses such as illness, medication (such as routine deworming), transport and extreme weather, can also affect bird health. A balanced diet will boost the immune system, aiding recovery and preventing infection or reinfection.


    The best multivitamin for birds

    Originally developed for racing pigeon conditioning, BVM + Protexin © Probiotic is now used by bird-keepers Australia-wide. It is the leading dietary supplement for pigeons, chickens and aviary birds, providing everything that birds need to ensure good health.

    Scientifically formulated using the latest research, this supplement contains 21 vitamins and minerals essential for avian health, including micronutrients that are often missing from a normal diet. The proportions of these nutrients are optimized for birds, and balanced to ensure that no single nutrient counteracts others.

    BVM includes: calcium for health bone development and egg quality; vitamins E and D3 for that silky, smooth feather growth; vitamin A for respiratory health and resistance to common diseases; and phosphorous for improved reproductive health and broods. BVM also contains Protexin © Probiotic, a multi-strain avian probiotic containing 8 bacteria and yeasts, in order to improve and maintain digestive function.

    BVM + Probiotic is part of every nutritionally-balanced ration program for pigeons, poultry and caged birds.


    Active ingredients include:


    • Vitamins: A, D3, E, K, B1, B2, B6, B12

    • Minerals: cobalt, copper, iron, magnesium, iodide, selenium, molybdenum, zinc, sodium

    • Calcium: calcium pantothenate, calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, calcium gluconate

    • Bacteria and yeasts: lactobacillus acidophilus, lactobacillus delbrueckii, lactobacillus rhamnosus, lactobacillus platarum, bifidobacterium bifidum, enterococcus aecium, aspergillus oryzae, candid pintolepesii

    • The convenient pink powder is so palatable that birds eagerly consume it.

    • Designed for free access administration and also suitable for addition to feed.

    • Australian Made