Himalayan Rock Salt Horse Lick

Himalayan Rock Salt Horse Lick

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Himalayan Salt Lick block for horses and all other livestock is made from 100% natural and pure Himalayan crystal salt. Each salt lick comes with a handy rope so it can easily be hung on a gate, fence, stable or tree.

A rich source of trace elements and minerals. These are very hard and last well outdoors or undercover. Can handle rain and weather without deteriorating.

Features of these rock salt licks, which make them distinct from ordinary sea salt licks:

Long-lasting for horses, livestock and other pets to enjoy for hours on end.
They are rock hard, so horses, livestock and other pets cannot bite pieces out of them.
Each salt lick comes ready to hang with a handy rope. Hang one undercover at a gate, fence, trough, tree, stall, stable or trailer.
Also these Himalayan rock salt blocks make the perfect unique gift for animal lovers.