Jenquine Calsorb Forte Block

Jenquine Calsorb Forte Block

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No Added Molasses or Grain - Low in Sugar & Starch
A unique combination of organic and inorganic calcium + salt, minerals & electrolytes

Jenquines’s Calsorb Forte block is the first of its kind and still Australia’s favourite in its class. Calsorb contains both organic and inorganic calcium, trace minerals and salt. It has been designed for Australian conditions and provides minerals that are most often deficient or where absorption may be reduced by medications such as anti-ulcer treatments.

  • Formulated & Recommended by Veterinarians

  • Indicated for all horses and ponies in all disciplines
    ………especially horses on high grain intakes, anti-ulcer medication or oxalate pastures

  • No molasses added or gains and Low in Starch & Sugar

  • Suitable for stables, yards and paddocks

  • Doesn’t fall apart or melt in the rain

  • APVMA-approved as END product

Bighead, calcium deficiency and osteoporosis are significant problems for horses on sub-tropical grasses - including buffel, panic, kikuyu and setaria.
Oxalates in these grasses bind calcium - making it unavailable to the horse and increasing the risk of a dietary calcium deficiency. Clinical signs of calcium deficiency, osteoporosis and nutritional secondary hyperparathyroidism include intermittent lameness, stiffness, shortened stride, tendon and ligament weakness, dental problems, weight loss and fractures.

ANALYSIS (per kg): 

Calcium 176g, 
Manganese 1940mg,
Copper 1014mg,
Iodine 17mg,
Zinc 1814mg,
Selenium 3.3mg,
Salt (NaCl) 300g,
Methionine 90g

This product does NOT contain restricted animal material. APVMA#: Exempt