Lime Impact Fertiliser 25kg
Lime Impact Fertiliser 25kg

Lime Impact Fertiliser 25kg

Terra Firma
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Lime Impact is an EASY-TO-SPREAD pelletised lime blend - a ground-breaking innovation combining fully composted organics, high calcium lime, boron and silicon with the advantages of broad-spectrum background nutrition to support healthy soils and plants. Calcium is the KING mineral because it impacts on all three Soil Health areas - physical, chemical and biological.

Calcium helps improve soil pH which leads to better nutrient availability and opens up soil structure to improve aeration and drainage. Soil biology can perform better in well-aerated/oxygenated soils. Calcium and silicon are important for cell strength and disease resistance in plants and it is boron that determines the availability and movement of these vital elements. Boron activates calcium uptake and movement within the plant and when calcium is more mobile it improves photosynthesis which, in turn, increases sugar content and cell turgor (plant cells become fully hydrated and hold onto this cellular moisture for longer). The end result is improved tolerance of moisture stress and longer shelf-life.

The Organic matter component of Lime Impact, stimulates biology, improves soil structure and helps improve water-holding capacity. Root systems grow deeper, as a result, and gain access to a larger soil volume. In addition the nutrients in Lime Impact are delivered in a low salt index form so the plant uses soil moisture more efficiently. Lime Impact is easily spread and allows you to control your growing costs.

Horticultural crops are often grown on leased land, growers often want to minimise input costs to the current crop, therefore being able to apply smaller, more accurate applications of activated lime for the current crop achieves the calcium fertilisation without excessive expense or waste. Pelletised Lime Impact can be placed accurately without the fear of excessive fine dust being lost in the breeze.


APPLICATION RATES GENERAL: Normal application rate of no more than 200g per square metre twice yearly.

VEGETABLE & ANNUAL FLOWERS: Apply no more than 200g per square metre at planting for all vegetables and annual flowers twice yearly. FRUIT TREES: Apply between 200g - 300g per square metre twice yearly, lifting the rate toward 300g if the fruit tree is established.

BROAD ACRE SPREADING: Apply 200-400kg per acre as both a soil conditioner and fertiliser twice yearly.

AUSTRALIAN NATIVE PLANTS: Use no more than 50g per square metre around Australian Native Plants.