Pony Coat - Relieves

Pony Coat - Relieves

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Pony Coat is a ready to use organic deodorant for horses to help relieve stress and itch caused by annoyances and reduce resultant rubbing. 

Pony Coat is non toxic and chemical free. Pony Coat keeps horses, ponies and foals content and happily grazing, free from annoyances after several applications.

Why choose Pony Coat?

  • Reduces horses rubbing and relieves stress.
  • Non toxic and chemical free (USDS, NOP & BFA certified) – Australian Organic Registered Farm Input.
  • Suitable for horses, ponies and foals.
  • Settles horses, reduces stress and promotes contented grazing.
  • Ready to use formulation (no mixing required).
  • Contains essential oils to deodorise odours.
  • Can be applied by various methods including Hand, Backrubber, Wiper, Pour and Wipe, Spray Mist & by Rubbing Post.

Pony Coat is suitable for the following applications;

  • Hand
  • Backrubber
  • Wiper
  • Pour and Wipe
  • Spray Mist
  • Rubbing Post

Pony Coat deodorises odours which attracts flies so it settles horses, reduces stress and promotes contented grazing. It is an oil based product that contains several Australian essential oils. USDS, NOP & BFA certified it is non-toxic and chemical free.

Pony Coat is an Australian Organic Registered Farm Input and is suitable for use on all certified organic farms and studs (Registered Farm Input 442).  Pony-Coat contains only the finest quality ingredients including a unique blend of vegetable oils, herbal extracts, botanical extracts and Australian essential oils.