Riverina Sodium Bentonite - Granular 25kg

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Sodium bentonite is used in stock feed for its benefits of high water absorption, cation exchange ability and organic absorption properties.

Fine bentonite is useful as a binder in pelleted feeds.

The granular form of bentonite is recommended for use in meal forms of cattle and sheep feeds. Granular bentonite will not contribute to the level of fines in the feed.


  • Bentonite can be included in feed for all animals, but the recommended levels would vary.
    2% – 4% in starter rations;
    1% – 2% in finisher rations.


  • Scour prevention.
  • Inactivation of some dietary toxins.
  • Reduction in risk of urea poisoning.
  • Reduced incidence of acidosis in feedlots. Improving the adaption to grain feeding.