Riverina Turkey Starter Crumbs

Riverina Turkey Starter Crumbs

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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION RIVERINA TURKEY STARTER CRUMBLES (Medicated) are a complete feed for starting turkey poults. This feed is the first stage in a two stage feeding programme for growing turkeys.

TYPICAL COMPOSITION • Wheat, maize, sorghum, bran and pollard, a combination of protein meals (cottonseed meal, soybean meal, canola meal, sunflower meal, blood meal, meat meal), vegetable oil, limestone, mould inhibitor, sodium bicarbonate, salt, choline chloride, amino acids, Bovatec®, Riverina vitamin & mineral premix. • Base raw materials may gradually change seasonally.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE • Feed from day old to seven weeks of age.

• RIVERINA TURKEY STARTER CRUMBLES (Medicated) are a complete feed. No supplementary feeding is necessary.

• Turkey poults should have unlimited access to the feed (ad lib). Age of Birds Approximate Feed Consumption (per head per day) Week 1 10 - 20 grams Week 2 20 - 30 grams Week 4 70 - 100 grams Week 6 110 - 160 grams Week 7 140 - 200 grams

• The above feed intakes are only indicative. Feed intakes will vary with the season, sex of the bird, lighting, shed conditions, disease status and other environmental conditions.

.• The shed should ideally have a concrete floor, be cleaned thoroughly and spread with clean litter such as wood shavings.

• A brooder or another heat source will be needed as chicks are unable to maintain their body temperature.

• For the first two days of feeding it is best to spread some feed on trays or newspaper to encourage the birds to eat. Replace the feed regularly so it remains fresh and palatable.

• After this use a self-feeder. It is important to replace any build up of stale feed.

• The first three to five weeks are of vital importance for rearing turkey poults. When day old poults arrive, it may be necessary to dip the beaks of some of them in feed and water to encourage consumption. • Clean, cool, fresh water should be available at all times. Any wet litter near water points should be removed regularly. • Turkeys should have access to insoluble grit to aid digestion. NUTRITIONAL ANALYSIS PROTEIN % MIN: 28.00 CALCIUM % : 0.80 - 1.20 AV PHOS % MIN: 0.40 FAT/EE % MIN: 2.50 C FIBRE % MAX: 4.00 ENERGY A-ME MJ/kg MIN: 11.65 SALT % : 0.15 - 0.40 LYSINE % MIN: 1.30 METHIONINE % MIN: 0.50 VITAMIN A iu/kg : 10,000.00