Superior Woodshavings

Superior Woodshavings

Superior Shavings
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Superior Shavings Wood Shavings Bale are a natural product for use as a bedding litter for all types of animals such as birds, chickens, ducks, rabbits and guinea pigs. The shavings are kiln dried pine that are untreated, non-toxic and has a very high absorbency rate. They have been specially screened to remove harmful fine dusts and reduce the incidience of respiratory disease in animals.

Superior wood shavings are popular for use in rabbit and guinea pig hutches as well as farm animals enclosures such as poultry sheds, calf sheds, stables etc.

Bale Size measures approx.: 31cm L x 37cm W x 57cm H - Bale weights approx. :13-14 kg. Shaving are compressed in thye bale. Screeened and dust extracted.

Note : The bale size measurements and weights are only general guides . Bag sizes may vary. These shavings are sometimes supplied in an unmarked clear bale, but has the same content inside each bale.