Virbac Cydectin SE for Sheep 5L

Virbac Cydectin SE for Sheep 5L

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For the treatment and control of moxidectin sensitive gastrointestinal parasites (including benzimidazole and/or levamisole resistant strains), lungworm and itchmite of sheep. An aid in the control of selenium responsive conditions.


  • Contains moxidectin – the most potent ML
  • Broad spectrum control
  • 14 days persistent activity against barber’s pole worm and small brown stomach worm
  • Ideal for highly contaminated pastures
  • Contains selenium


For use in animals 60 kg liveweight and below in rotation with other fully effective drenches.


  • Contains moxidectin

    Moxidectin is the most potent member of the macrocyclic lactone (ML) family of drenches, meaning it can kill worms resistant to ivermectin and abamectin.

  • Broad spectrum parasite control

    CYDECTIN SE is highly effective against all major internal parasites that are susceptible to ML drenches, including gastrointestinal roundworms and large lungworm. These worms reduce overall productivity, especially in young animals. Weight gains and wool growth can be reduced significantly. CYDECTIN SE also controls itch mite.

  • Persistent activity

    CYDECTIN SE prevents reinfection with Ostertagia spp and barber’s pole worm (Haemonchus contortus) for at least 14 days. It prevents pasture contamination by Ostertagia spp eggs for at least 35 days and barber’s pole worm (Haemonchus contortus) eggs for at least 30 days. Persistent activity is important when there is significant pasture contamination, as it can delay the need for subsequent drenching. Preventing pasture contamination by eggs can also delay the need for subsequent drenching.

  • Contains selenium

    Selenium deficiency impairs the immune system and can reduce disease resistance, as well as cause ill thrift, infertility, scouring and white muscle disease.

  • Safety

    CYDECTIN SE has a wide margin of safety when used as recommended, and is readily accepted by sheep. It can be safely used concurrently with other treatments including mineral supplements (not selenium), fluke treatments and vaccines.